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125,69 EUR*
Details Secure-Broadcast-Communication-In-Wired-and-Wireless-Networks

Secure Broadcast Communication Presents a set of fundamental protocols for building secure information distribution systems. This book presents applications that include wireless broadcast, IP multicast, sensor networks, ad hoc networks, and more. It ...

45,95 EUR*
Details The-CERT-C-Secure-Coding-Standard-Sei-Series-in-Software-Engineering

The CERT C Secure Coding Standard "I'm an enthusiastic supporter of the CERT Secure Coding Initiative. Programmers have lots of sources of advice on correctness, clarity, maintainability, performance, and even safety. Advice on how specific language ...

60,46 EUR*
Details Secure-Programming-Cookbook-for-C-and-C-Classique-Us

Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C++ Because secure code is more essential than ever, this new cookbook covers the full range of computer security needs with more than 200 ready-made solutions. It's a valuable asset for anyone who develops ...

51,28 EUR*
Details Cisco-Secure-Firewall-Services-Module-FWSM-Cisco-Press-Networking-Technology

Cisco Secure Firewall Services Module (FWSM) Cisco Secure Firewall Services Module (FWSM) Best practices for securing networks with FWSM Ray Blair, CCIE(R) No. 7050 Arvind Durai, CCIE No. 7016 The Firewall Services Module (FWSM) is a high-performance ...

33,21 EUR*
Details 3294-Kettenstnder-gelbschwarz-Durchmesser-40-H-90cm-Kunststoff-Secur-2

Kettenständer gelb/schwarz, Durchmesser 4,0, H: 90cm, Kunststoff -Secur 2 runder Standfuß, Standfuß schwarz für Wasser- oder Sandbefüllung Artikel:90.9024 S.152

679,00 EUR*
Details electra-magnus-NA-Secure-Notstrom-Gert

Electra magnus NA Secure (Notstrom-Elektrozaungerät) Art. Nr.: E 070 Datenblatt (PDF) zum Abruf Geräteübersicht (zur Info) 230V-BetriebBei Stromausfall automatische Umschaltung auf 12V-Betrieb Mit Akku-Tiefentlade- und -UberladeschutzBei 230V-Betrieb ...

15,28 EUR*
Details secure-a-tank-sat-006WC-TANK-Klammer-2WC-Pack-4Stck

2 Pack, Secure A Tank, A Toilet Tank Support Which Helps Prevent Tank Wobble & Damage From Unwanted Toilet Movement, Affordable, 1 Time Insurance Policy Against Costly Leaks & Repairs That Every Toilet Should Have, Secures 2 Toilet Tanks.

16,50 EUR*
Details Brennenstuhl-Secure-Tec-Steckdosenleiste-6-fach-mit-berspannungsschutz-2m-Kabel-und-Schalter-Farbe-anthrazit

Brennenstuhl Secure-Tec 19.500A Überspannungsschutz-Steckdosenle und der Art-Nr. 1159540366 und der EAN: 4007123602285

3,42 EUR*
Details 3305-Ketten-Kunststoffkette-Secur-aus-Polyethylen-Gliederstrke-6-mm-rotwei

Ketten Kunststoffkette, -Secur, aus Polyethylen, Gliederstärke 6 mm, rot/weiß Farbwechsel nach 13 Gliedern Länge nach Wunsch, max. Stücklänge 10,0 m Artikel:90.9141 S.153

36,47 EUR*
Details F-Secure-Safe-1-Jahr-3-Gerte

SAFE - Abonnement-Paket ( 1 Jahr ) - 3 Geräte